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Tools and Supplies to make a DIY vinegar fly trap
1 Mason Jar
2 Apple Cider Vinegar
3 Plastic Wrap
4 Rubber Band
5 Toothpick or Bamboo Skewer

How to make a DIY vinegar fly trap

Say Goodbye to Pesky Flies with this DIY Vinegar Trap

Vinegar fly traps are a simple and effective way to get rid of pesky fruit flies in your home. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to make your own DIY vinegar fly trap:

Step 1: Choose a container
Choose a container that is shallow and has a wide opening. A mason jar or a small bowl will work well. Make sure the container is clean and dry.

Step 2: Add vinegar
Pour enough vinegar into the container to cover the bottom. Apple cider vinegar or white vinegar both work well. The vinegar will attract the fruit flies.

Step 3: Add dish soap
Add a few drops of dish soap to the vinegar. The dish soap will break the surface tension of the vinegar, causing the fruit flies to sink and drown.

Step 4: Cover the container
Cover the container with plastic wrap. Use a rubber band to secure the plastic wrap in place. Poke a few small holes in the plastic wrap with a toothpick or fork. The holes will allow the fruit flies to enter the trap.

Step 5: Place the trap
Place the trap in an area where you have seen fruit flies. The trap should be left undisturbed for a few days to allow the fruit flies to be attracted to the vinegar and drown in the trap.

Step 6: Dispose of the trap
Once the trap is full of fruit flies, dispose of the trap and make a new one if necessary. Repeat this process until all the fruit flies are gone.

In conclusion, making a DIY vinegar fly trap is an easy and effective way to get rid of fruit flies in your home. With just a few simple steps, you can have a trap that will attract and eliminate these pesky insects.

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