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FlyPunch Fruit Fly Trap by Aunt Fannie's (2 Pack)

Say Goodbye to Pesky Fruit Flies with Aunt Fannie's FlyPunch Fruit Fly Trap - The Natural Solution for Your Indoor and Kitchen Needs!

- Easy to Use: Aunt Fannie’s FlyPunch Fruit Fly Trap is very easy to use. Simply open the package, pour the liquid into the trap, and place it in an area where fruit flies are present. The trap can be used for up to 30 days and can be easily disposed of after use.
- Value for Money: The 2-pack of Aunt Fannie’s FlyPunch Fruit Fly Trap offers great value for money. It provides a cost-effective solution for getting rid of fruit flies, and the two traps can be used in di

Aunt Fannie’s FlyPunch Fruit Fly Trap is a highly effective solution to get rid of fruit flies. This 2-pack trap is perfect for indoor and kitchen use. It is made with plant-based ingredients, making it safe for you and your family. The trap is easy to use, just open it and place it in the affected area. The FlyPunch Fruit Fly Trap is a non-toxic and eco-friendly option that can be used in homes, offices, and other indoor spaces. With Aunt Fannie’s FlyPunch Fruit Fly Trap, you can say goodbye to pesky fruit flies and enjoy a clean and fresh environment.