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Premium Fruit Fly Traps - 6 Pack

Say Goodbye to Pesky Fruit Flies with BEAPCO's Premium Red Trap - Easy, Effective, and Safe!

- Safe: The BEAPCO 10036 Red 6-Pack Premium Fruit Fly Trap is safe to use. The food-based lure/bait used in the traps is non-toxic and does not harm humans or pets.
- Value for Money: This product comes in a pack of six and is very affordable. It offers great value for money as it is effective in catching fruit flies and is very easy to use.

BEAPCO 10036 Red 6-Pack Premium Fruit Fly Pre-Filled Traps are the perfect solution for getting rid of pesky fruit flies indoors. The traps are easy to use and come pre-filled with a food-based lure/bait that effectively attracts and catches fruit flies. The traps are safe to use around food and pets, making them a worry-free solution for households. The bright red color of the traps also adds a pop of color to your kitchen or home. The 6-pack allows you to strategically place the traps in different areas of your home, ensuring maximum coverage. Say goodbye to fruit flies with BEAPCO 10036 Red 6-Pack Premium Fruit Fly Pre-Filled Traps.